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Static Electricity: You See It, You Feel It, You Pay For It

Do your products have lives of their own, clinging, repelling, attracting dirt and shocking employees? Static electricity is annoying and dangerous. It can ruin your productivity and quality, damage electronic equipment and - worst of all - cause fire and explosions.

What Causes Static Electricity?

Most people associate static electricity with touching a door or water fountain in winter and receiving a shock. While the shock is certainly annoying, it is in itself not dangerous because there is very low amperage. With low humidity, these static voltages can exceed 20,000V.

In industrial applications, static is caused by insulator or non-conductive material rubbing together under some pressure. When the insulator materials are separated, pools of only positive or only negative ions form, and you have static. These pools of ions form not just on man-made materials (plastic, nylon, wax, paper, polyester, and PVC) but also on hair, wool, fur, aluminum, wood, and rubber to name a few.

Static and Production

The amount of ions in these pools of positive or negative ions are determined by the material, humidity, and separation rate. A web (operator may have to greatly reduce the speed to lower static build up. Of course this is very costly in production rates. Stacking aluminium trays with static created by a conveyer belt is almost impossible until the static is minimized. Painting a car or plastic object is difficult until the static bond of dust is broken to get a clear finish. Static causes printing ink to web, resulting in an unacceptable or unreadable job. Labels fold or lap when too much static is present. Plastic bottles will jump off a conveyor line unless given a water bath to reduce static. Pulling a single sheet of 4' x 8' plastic off a stack is almost impossible because of the static bond between the sheets.

And what about the workers? Touching a static charged door knob once a day is not like having to get shocked every time you pick up something on a production line.

In short, Static and Production Do Not Mix.

These are just a few areas of decreased production and increased costs.

AiRTX Shockless Static Elimination Systems can be used as productivity tools in most industries to solve static problems.

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